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Transparency: Accountability, Communication & Redress

Accountability: The Board of Directors and the CBDC South Coast are accountable to stakeholders and the public for the stewardship of the organization, the management of resources and the overall organizational results.  With the exception of confidential client and personnel information, the financial and statistical results are considered public information and are made available through various publicized formats and can be made available upon request.

Communication: The Board of Directors and the CBDC South Coast are responsible for communicating results from the previous year to the communities served and other stakeholders.  This is achieved by distribution of the public annual report each yea r,and this may include electronic and print methods.  There is also a public stakeholder meeting.

Redress/Appeal: All applicants to the various programs and services of the corporation where final decision making is under the authority of the Board of Directors (as opposed to external agencies) can make an appeal of decisions including for reasons of concern such as perceived conflict of interest and potential biases.


Governance - Transparency
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