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Accountability: Recruitment, Selection & Renewal of the Board

Recruitment: Prior to known anticipated vacancies (end of board member terms), the promotion of board opportunities through public advertising and solicitation will begin.  Should a vacancy occur unexpectedly the process will begin at those times.

Selection: The Recruitment Committee will review and present candidate applications with assessment or recommendation to the full board for consideration.  The individual or individuals interested in applying to the board vacancies will be asked to submit a rèsumè and/or letter of interest outlining their qualifications, as well as their reasons for wanting to become a Board Member.  The candidate applications will be reviewed for suitability to the organization's needs.  A scoring system will is used to determine best fit to board role/need as per applicant experience, skills/knowledge, interests, and overall availability to attend meetings and perform board function.

RenewalBoard terms are three years (a maximum of three consecutive terms).  There are typically nine board members representing the three subregional areas of the Coast of Bays Region.


Governance - Accountability
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